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The need to create and completely develop a full laboratory for the preparation of homeopathic remedies is because of our complete belief in Homeopathy as a medical practice and in the benefits that come from it. With great sense of responsibility, we have created a space to produce and store homeopathic remedies that is compliant with all the regulations. We serve Homeopathy with love and respect. In the following text we will try to explain, in a few words, what is Homeopathy, the way it works and it’s benefits.


Homeopathy is a full and complete system of treatment. The basic principle of this system can be derived from Hippocrates who said that

Like treats like.

The contemporary founder of Homeopathy is Samuel Hanneman ( 1755 – 1843 ) a German physician who turned this principle in a full scientific therapeutic system.

The philosophy of Homeopathy is completely different of conventional medicine and can be described as such:

In Homeopathy, in order to cure an ailment, we give the patient a substance that will cause the same symptoms if given in a healthy person. In this method we do not care about the name of the sickness but about the way it exhibits itself in every patient, in correlation with the idiosyncrasies of their body, for instance: their reaction to the cold or warmth, the way they sleep, the food they enjoy etc. We also take their mental state in consideration.

The Homeopath chooses the best-suited medicine for the individual, gathering all this kind of information.

All of the above leads us to the conclusion that:

  1. In order to prescribe a homeopathic remedy we have to examine the human as a whole, which includes the three basic parts of them; the body, the soul and the mind. That’s why homeopathy is considered a holistic method of treatment.

  2. The remedy that will be eventually subscribed, following the procedure on all three levels that were mentioned above, will also cure other symptoms that might exist. For example treating a cold might help with the patient’s anxiety, a hypersensitivity of some kind etc.

  3. Since the treatment targets a type of personality and not an illness, it is become quite clear that the same symptoms will lead to three different prescriptions for three different people.

Homeopathic remedies come from the plant, the animal or the mineral kingdom. They are produced with great dilution and succussion, with the succusion following every dilution. This process is known as potentization. With the potentization the substance manages to retain all its pharmaceutical capabilities without any of the side effects, thanks to the dilution. The substance that every capsule contains is infinitely small, so it is hard to be detected with the conventional methods.

This process of production enables the toxic substances to be used as medicine, excluding the side effects and without worry since the minimum remains are not toxic, but just enough to retain the “memory” of the initial substance. Lachesis is an example of such medicine, and a very significant one since it is derived from snake poison. The laws and art of potentization gives us the opportunity to create a homeopathic remedy using any substance.

80- 85% of the Homeopathic remedies are of plant origin while 15-20% is of mineral, inorganic or animal origin. Whatever the raw material, though, it has to be of great purity.

The production of a Homeopathic remedy begins by treating the raw material, whatever that may be, with alcohol, and extraction, which gives us the tincture of the raw material. Using the tincture as a stepping-stone we create homeopathic remedies with the succusion process just as we described above. Using these methods we can create capsules, dilutions, granules or any form the doctor thinks is appropriate.

In conclusion, it is clearly emphasized that Homeopathy is a holistic health system, without side effects that can bring the person in health and hereinafter in harmony with the universe.