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Gemmotherapy is a special area in the field of phytotherapy. It is based on the biological energy of the plants and using the plant’s partials on the beginning of their development cycle, i.e. embryonic vegetal tissues, such as young rootles, buds, shoots and seeds.


Plant buds and any other younger elements originate from the plant’s ancient meristems, which entail its embryonic sequence including its whole development cycle (DNA) from the very start of its creation, millions of years ago.

Such elements, carrying the plant’s qualities “throughout time and space,” have two very important healing abilities:

  1. The meristems’ embryonic qualities.

  2. The leaves’ chemical and photosynthetic properties.

Gemmotherapy remedies are being prepared with meristem extraction in glycerin, alcohol and water mixture, lasting for 21 days, followed by a potentization within the first decimal dilution (D1).

Gemmotherapy remedies may differ from herbal tinctures in active ingredients, including trace elements, vitamins, enzymes, minerals, hormones (mostly growth), proteins e.t.c.

Benefits of gemmotherapy:

  • Cells regeneration
  • Toxins removal
  • Functions stimulation
  • Body nutrition

It is well known that toxins’ concentration may block main body’s functions. Gemmotherapy’s main aim is a deep drainage-detoxication of the body, either on one or multiple organs, eventually leading to their total stimulation, repair and normal function.

It should be noted that gemmotherapy is suspended in cases of simultaneous cortisone treatment.