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Our lab is equipped with the complete Bach flower Remedies series; we are able to create mixes according to your individual needs using cognac, free of flavor and smell enhancing substances always in line with the guidelines of their creator, Dr. Bach. The advantages of Bach Flower Remedies are presented bellow.


Bach Flower Remedies is a complimentary, holistic, energy centered treatment.


  • As a complimentary treatment, it can be administered combined with any other treatment, either conventional or alternative, managing to enhance it without interfering with it.
  • By helping the mental and emotional state of the patient it contributes in healing diseases of the physical body, therefore it benefits the patient holistically.
  • Bach Flower Remedies come from flowers taken from trees and plants, which after being put in clear spring water they are exposed to sunlight; hence they are considered an Energy Medicine. The result of this procedure is that the final composition does not contain chemical substances, but instead it carries the energy imprint of the initial flower that was used.

Flower Remedies were discovered and brought to heal people by Dr. Edward Bach (1886- 1936). In the book “Heal Thyself” he suggests that the main cause of any disease is the conflict of soul and personality (mind) and defines the condition of perfect health as the harmonious coexistence of mind, body and soul.

As a result, the main reason of an ailment we will never be truly healed, unless the main factors are removed. Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies offer the opportunity to interfere in a supporting and loving way with the negative points of our mentality and trying to turn them into positive ones.

Such negative points are fears, insecurities, loneliness, despair, and uncertainty, over-sensitivity to influences and ideas and even caring too much for others.

In order to be more specific, we shall borrow some more details from Dr. Bach’s book.  In chapter 3 he argues that the primary ailments of a person are their faults, such as pride, cruelty, hatred, egotism, ignorance, instability and greed.

These are the things that stand between the Unities that are the true diseases. For example, pride, which is arrogance and inflexibility of the mind, cause diseases that make the body stiff and hard, while egotism causes neuroses, depression etc. that can take the joy of life away.

Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies can be found in liquid form diluted in cognac of specified alcohol percentage, free of flavor and smell enhancing substances.

Some manufacturers use other types of alcohol such as “tsipouro” a method that is acceptable as long as the alcohol being used is pure distillate without further processing. In case the patient is a minor the Flower Remedy is prepared with water.

The recommended dose is 4 drops, 4 times a day underneath the tongue, but the dose can vary, depending on each need.

We can take a single Flower remedy or we can combine some of them in order to achieve a better therapeutic result. The opinion of a specialist after careful examination is indicatively desirable.

The Flower Remedies can be used as long as needed since they don’t have side effects and are not addictive. Furthermore, due to the complexity of the human mind and the different layers of emotions, it is probable that, following a treatment will bring another emotional state to the surface, rendering the adjustment of the treatment in order to take the new emotion into consideration quite significant.

The regular treatment can last for months or even years (not considering the change in the treatment) while in extreme cases the treatment may be of a few days or weeks.

It is very important to mention that Dr. Bach’s Flower Remedies are beneficial for plants and animals alike. For instance, they can be used in veterinary medicine as well as on plant life; either by spraying the plants leaves or by adding drops in the watering can.

Bach’s Flower Remedies are completely safe for children and for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In psychotherapy cases the Flower Remedies are able enhance the treatment and even if the patient is under treatment of conventional medicine, they are capable of diminishing the side effects.

In homeopathy cases they can lessen the therapeutic crisis, while in Herbal medicine they can improve the results of the plants and tinctures in every part of the body.