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Our lab is modern and fully equipped, capable of producing prescriptions of any kind. As far as conventional prescriptions are concerned, we always make sure to have sufficient raw material of the highest quality combined with excellent technological equipment.

That gives us the capability of creating customized medical solutions, both of therapeutic and cosmetic kind, meeting up to the doctor’s requirements as well as your personal needs.

Apart from the conventional medicine, our lab holds a special separate room suitably configured to create homeopathic remedies such as capsules, buvables, granules, globules, eye drops etc. using homeopathic tinctures as raw material in various potencies on your demand.

With dried plants as raw material, we produce tinctures according to the guidelines of the Greek Pharmacopoeia as far as the alcoholic degrees of the dilution and the way titration.

We also have gemmotherapy preparations of the highest quality, potable plant oils, biological, potable essential oils and dried extractions of herbs ready for encapsulation and capable of treating various diseases.

Our knowledge in homeopathy and herbal remedies as well as the purity of our raw materials, opens the way towards medicinal herbal or homeopathic preparations such as creams (for pain, hemorrhoids, itching, eczema, or cosmetic etc.) suppositories, mixtures of oils (medicinal or cosmetic), and medicinal mixtures of tinctures.

Our lab is equipped with the complete Bach flower Remedies series.


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