Deliveries in Athens – Greece:

  • Delivery is free of charge for orders over 40,00€ up to 2,00kg total weight.
  • Delivery costs of 2,50€ for orders below 40,00€ up to 2,00kg total weight.
  • For orders exceeding 2,00kg weight package, the delivery costs are being automatically calculated and you are being notified of the amount, prior to sending.

The delivery of your orders is being fulfilled by ELTA door-to-door. For remote and inaccessible areas, delivery time might take up to 2-3 working days.

Orders arranged to be picked up from our store, are being held active and available for 3 working days. In case there was not enough time for you to receive it, you have the ability to renew the products engagement for 3 more working days either via phone or email. (210.5716881 |

Orders are being picked up from Monday to Saturday 09.00-20.00



For heavy objects, shipping agents are undertaking the delivery. (You may acquire your order from the agent’s logistics). In such cases, cash on delivery is not available, and you will need to proceed with payment prior to delivery by using your debit/credit card, PayPal or through wire transfer.



According to Greek Law, it is illegal to sell pharmaceutical drugs, or receive and execute prescriptions online.

Products are being transferred for and by the responsibility of the client, while the Courts of Athens are responsible for resolving any dispute or dispute arising therefrom.



The selling prices mentioned on the website, are subject to change at the Company’s discretion and judgment. Products are being displayed on our website along with their selling price, although some of them might not be available immediately. Moreover, prices can be freely modified from our store, though not in cases of orders already placed. Please keep in mind that the prices on the website are the ones applied exclusively on our e-shop and not the physical store.



The Company is making any reasonable effort, when possible, to secure the users’ personal data, by taking serious precautions, which can always be modified at the Company’s judgment.  For personal data security, the Company is currently using SSL technology (Secure Sockets Layer), and the personal password for signing in is the user’s individual safety net. The Company suggests that for security reasons alone, the users should frequently change their password, avoid the use of relatively easy and traceable codes, and preferably not share their password to others.




The client holds the right to return the products purchased from e-shop in cases solely as followed:

False product – Right of renunciation: In case the product is different (false) than the one being ordered you may return it within fourteen (14) working days since the purchase date and the return cost remains free of charge. In this case, the return of the product can only occur in its full original form (i.e. without deterioration and/or use signs) and in its original package. In this case of returns the client is also obliged to deliver all the accompanying documentation in excellent form. (Receipt, invoices etc).

We are proud to deliver products of excellent quality from top suppliers. In the unlikely event that the product you have received is defected in any way, we take the responsibility to immediately replace it, while the prior order is being returned without extra cost for the Client, following a mutual understanding between the Client and the Company regarding the details of the return. In any case, our store holds responsibility for any defected product according to Article 5 of Law 2251/1994 of Greek Civil Codex.

Returning products with client charge. The client holds the right to return purchased products with no harm and no obligation to prior announce of the reasons of the return. Such return should be decided within fourteen (14) working days since the purchase date. In this case, the client is charged with the return cost. Return policy is acted upon products that remain on the original form that they were received in, without being opened or unpacked. In this case of returns the client is also obliged to deliver all the accompanying documentation in excellent form. (Receipt, invoices etc).



Our store is responsible for making sure that all the products displayed on the website are immediately available on the one hand, and are to be delivered in the quickest time possible on the other. Please keep in mind that the photos of the products displayed may be indicative in terms of production date and packaging, details that can both be modified regarding the selling products. Furthermore, some of the displayed products may be temporarily unavailable due to high consumption or supply reasons. In this last case, a relative amount of time might me required between product supply and its delivery to the client.