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Few words about us…

Lygda Pharmacy was established in 1978
and as from 2014 is under the management of Maria Niki Lygda, a second-generation pharmacist.

All these years, while we are growing with knowledge and experience we provide our services with love and respect.

Our highly qualified staff is available at any moment to cover your daily needs, with personalized advice.

Trust us

In our Pharmacy you will be able to find a great variety of supplements, vitamins, diet and weight management, baby care and personal hygiene products, as well as many products from both Greek and foreign cosmetics companies.

  • Plus we always make sure there is a great variety in medicines.

Modern Laboratory

Our Pharmacy holds a fully equipped, absolutely modern laboratory, with excellent equipment and suitable pharmaceutical packaging as well as a very large variety of raw material, always accompanied by the adequate certification.

This gives us the ability of creating any kind of formulas,
prescribed or not,
which can cover a wide spectrum of diseases, delivered in the shortest amount of time possible.

Furthermore we are here to fill in for the gap created in the market caused by the recurrent shortage in medicines, helping in that way patients to continue their treatment without interruption, always in collaboration with the supervising doctor, who’ s help is important in recreating your medicine adjusting its content and pharmaceutical form to meet your individual needs. If needed, we can absolutely alter any medical product, following the supervising doctor’s instructions, in cases of an excipient or preservative allergy, or a specialized dosage need, or even a need to change the form of the prescribed medicine to make it easier to receive or to add flavor.
Our many years of experience and study of alternative medicine such as Homeopathy, Herbal remedy, Gemmotherapy, Aromatherapy, Bach remedies, Homotoxicology, Ayurveda, etc. make us capable of producing homeopathic remedies of all kinds of potencies, herbal tinctures, gemmotherapy extracts, herbal capsules, creams, suppositories, eye drops etc. Our knowledge and the variety of raw material make it possible for us to create natural healing remedies of any kind, suitable for chronic health problems of people who follow alternative medicine as their main health care or even as a first aid to anyone in need.

Above everything else, the most important fact and the thing that keeps our pharmacy in the hearts of everyone that trusts us, is our love for our work, our caring approach to your needs, our faith in the importance of our vocation, and most importantly the will to cure; evident in all our services, from the one simple word of advice, to the most complicated creation.

You can contact us about anything you need and we will make sure to take care of it.